Unveil the Joy of Giving!

As the year winds down, we're thrilled to introduce the grand finale of our 2023 Goals Journal – the December chapter, dedicated entirely to the art of Giving. It's more than a season; it's a way of life!

Discover the 7 Steps to Transformative Giving

Join Sheréa VéJauan, renowned goal-setting expert and co-founder of the Goal Setter's Club, as she unveils her exclusive 7-step method to master the art of giving. Whether you're planning your charitable contributions for 2023 or setting lifelong giving goals, this workshop is your gateway to making a meaningful impact.

What's in Store for You?

- Exclusive Live Workshop: Be among the 100 lucky participants to engage live with Sheréa VéJauan. Dive deep into goal setting in an interactive Zoom session on Thursday, December 21st, from 7:30 to 8:30 pm PST.  

- Workshop Replay: Did you miss the live session? No worries! Register to access the full replay at your convenience.

- Interactive Resources: Enhance your learning with our '7 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Giving Goals' eWorksheets, comprehensive webinar notes, and a resource list curated by Sheréa herself.

- Special Bonus: Register now and unlock the exclusive 'Giving Goals Vision Board Planner PDF Download,' available December 19th. A perfect tool to visualize and actualize your giving aspirations!

Maximize Your Workshop Experience

- Download all worksheets and supporting documents before the session.

- Keep your favorite beverage handy to stay refreshed.

- Bring along pens and extra paper for note-taking.

- Choose a quiet space conducive to learning and reflection.

Join us in embracing the spirit of giving, and let's set the stage for a generous and fulfilling 2023 and 2024!

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